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Read this before sending money

Criminals are trying to steal your money by pretending to be us – or pretending to be your Real Estate Agent. Criminals may send you an e-mail that looks like it is from us or from the agent – Criminals may even call you pretending to be us or your agent. Before sending us any funds – CALL US!!!  Call us at a number you know is accurate (If you don’t have a valid number already you can find our office contact information here (Insert contact link). DO NOT USE THE PHONE NUMBER IN AN E-MAIL. We are not responsible for any wires you send to an incorrect bank account. If you have any questions, please contact us about this or other ways to protect yourself, and don't forget to Play Fraud Racer!

If you have been victimized by wire fraud, here is what the FBI recommends that you do as quickly as possible:

  • Ask your bank to contact the bank where the fraudulent wire was sent.

  • Contact your local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office.

  • Click  to file a complaint with the FBI’s official Internet Crime Complaint Center

When speaking to law enforcement, they will want to know:

  • The name and address of your bank

  • Your account number

  • The name & address of the bank where funds were sent

  • The beneficiary’s name

  • The beneficiary’s account number

  • The correspondent bank (if applicable)

  • Dates and amounts transferred

  • IP and/or e-mail address of the fraudulent e-mail

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