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Our Goal is to stay on the cutting edge of our industries every evolving market and technology making the closing experience a clear, concise and convenient one.


years of experience

Our executives have over 37 years of combined experience

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home purchases

We have managed over 40,000 single-family home purchases

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Stay ahead of the curve with our knowledgeable consulting experts

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home ownership

Find out about the different types of home ownership!

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suite of services

-Close Where You Are

-Qualia Connect

-Suite of Legal Services

-Distinctive Lending

-Investor Support Program

-Deed Services



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Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance and why do I need it?

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Twice the attention

Our different approach to staffing includes assigning our processors only about half the caseload of our competitors, which means they have more time to spend on your case to be more responsive to your needs and complete tasks ahead of time.

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Proactive Connections

Our unmatched approach to client communication ensures superior communication from start to finish. We’ll proactively keep clients up-to-date on how the transaction is progressing throughout the entire process.

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